Are you Ready to Leap Into Action?

Make 2019 The Year.

Let's Chat For A Moment.

Do you find yourself thinking that another year is slipping by, right through your fingers?

Are you happy with your 2018? Or do you wish you were living life in a bigger, different way? Something that felt more like you?

Are you fed up with holding back? Do you know your potential and you’re ready step into your power?

Does thinking about going all in, in 2019, send a thrill of excitement running through your body? Maybe you noticed a small trickle of fear there too, but it’s the good kind. The kind that signals change is coming. It’s in the wind.

If you answered yes to any of the above, if you feel you’ve been holding back, it’s time to put apprehension behind you and Leap! Into action. For yourself because you're throwing 80% "good enough" out the window and trading it in for full out living!

Ciao! I'm Robyn

Currently based in California I work with women who are ready to level-up in life. Not only do I know how that feels, I've lived it.

Here are the highlights —

I married young. In the midst of questioning myself and our relationship, he dies. In a scuba diving accident, no less. I know. I found myself a widow at 29 and then 6 weeks later, that he had multiple affairs while we were together.

This was over 10 years ago. Years later I full-on left a life people told me I was so lucky to have. But I didn't feel lucky. I felt stifled and bored. And restless. I wanted more. So I went to find it.

Spoiler Alert — I found it in Italy. I found me.

And now I work with women who want to find their more.

See this picture? I love it. Because I'm laughing which I do a lot. My designer tried to tell me to use one of my professional headshots. That maybe I should appear more stoic, or serious.

I said no thanks. That's not me. If you've clicked on this page and you're seeing this, then you need to see the true me.

Buckle up because while we're making your 2019 HAPPPEN, we will also be doing a whole lot of this!

You'll get really clear on where you are and what direction you want to go.

We'll build a strong foundation for you to tune into yourself.

You'll establish habits that will pave the way for your energy and creativity to flow. The juice of change.

You'll remember who you are and remind yourself again and again it's your life and you get to live it.

Each week you'll know where you're going and what's on deck. It's about showing up for yourself and doing the work. It's about wanting more for yourself and doing everything you can to make it happen.

You'll have tools and tips at your fingertips to assist you in your leaping.

During the 6 Months:

The Details – An Investment of $795/month for 6 months

The program consists of 4 one-on-one 1 hour sessions per month for six months via video chat. We will also be able to communicate via chat and email between sessions. I'm here for you and SO want you to achieve your goals. The program begins once you accept my invitation and fill out initial paperwork. Then I'll send you a welcome video with some things to get your creative juices flowing before our first session. Enrollment ends November 14th or as soon as all four spots are booked out. All sessions will be one-on-one. I'm selective about whom I work with. I want us mesh and meld well and connect as we move through this together. This is just as important to me, as it is to my you. I can't wait to meet you and close out this year with a bang and usher in 2019 in a big way! xx Robyn

I'm Ready to Apply!

Start By Knowing 2019 Is YOUR Year

Have you listened to a friend's exciting life update and found yourself thinking, Lucky you. I wish I could do that.

What if I told you, it's not luck? It's about a willingness to go all in for yourself.

The difference between your life now and the possibility of what could be are your thoughts combined with action! We'll get a handle on those limiting beliefs swirling around in your head and double down with a plan.

2019 is coming and it's time to stop wishing your life away and distracting yourself. It's time to go all in.

Let's DO Something About It. NOW.

Do you want to travel to Italy? Start the side business you've been thinking about for months, maybe years?!

Good. Because you can.

Forget about all the old reasons you used to tell yourself it's not possible. That's old news. The moment you decide that this is the time and you are the one to take charge, is the moment the energy shifts.

I will help you become aware of the voice in your head holding you back, telling you not to even bother trying. I will show you how to break the habits that have you suspended in a vicious cycle. Doing the same things over and over again, while you're desperately wanting bigger things for yourself.

The truth is, you're so much bigger than you know. It doesn't matter where you are or what you're working with. You can change your reality, just as it is right now.

You just have to decide you're ready and want to make the change for yourself and make it your story. Rather than the same tired story you've made a part of your life's fabric.Here's what I'm going to do.

I'm going to show up for you. I hope you'll say yes to yourself, and show up as well.

Do it for yourself. What are you waiting for? Take the LEAP!

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"Not to sound cliché and dramatic, but working with Robyn has brought a 180 degree change to my life. I was feeling stuck and unhappy with my life. Now I've made a move to a new state and accepted a job including a huge raise! If life starts to feel overwhelming I know I need to pull out one of my tools, rather than stressing and getting into a downward spiral. She not only was there for me in sessions, but I could tell she truly cared about me achieving my goals. I highly recommend working with Robyn if you're looking to make true change in your life. 

— Maria • San Diego, CA

"A stroke of serendipity brought Robyn Woodman into my life and I have never been the same. Over the last two years Robyn has taught me what it truly means to show up for MYSELF which has impacted every aspect of my life including being the best leader for my team in Rome & beyond. She has been essential in teaching me how to navigate through the most difficult periods in my life. Those periods where I had to push past settling for status quo and instead choose to level up and become the best version of myself. A day doesn’t pass when I don’t think…What would Robyn do?

— Nina • Rome, Italy

— Molly • Portland, OR

"Robyn has been an excellent sounding board as I have navigated several major life events, including a recent career change. She put things into perspective, asking tough questions about my ego, intentions, and goals—all without judgement. She was amazingly supportive and essential to helping me leave a toxic and stressful work environment. She cleared a path through my mental haze of fear and anxiety to shine a light on what mattered most."